Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't Let This Face Fool You...

Yeah, you may think he's all cute and smiley, but this little guy has been giving us major headaches lately. You already know about his sleep issues, which are still on going. The other night Dave got maybe 3 hours of sleep total before Sutton was up for the day. But he's been a real mischief maker lately.

Back when we lived in Arizona, Sutton would get up early on the weekends and demand his breakfast. So we foolishly taught him how to get his yogurt out of the fridge and bring it to us, so we could open it for him. He likes those Go-Gurt ones; you know the ones in the tube. It was so easy-we could stay in bed longer and he could have his breakfast. Win-win.
Now that he's gotten older, he has also figured out how to rip the tops off the yogurts himself. So the other day, he got into the fridge and ate all of the yogurts while Dave was asleep. All 12 of them. So we tried moving it to the way back of the fridge. No luck-repeat.

But wait-there's more!

Recently, I had the "brilliant" (sarcasm) idea of getting Sutton involved while I cooked. He would stand on his little potty stool right at counter level and watch while I made dinner, or something like that. He loved the idea of "helping" me, so much that anytime I make dinner now, or stand at the counter for more than a few seconds, he runs into the bathroom shouting "I get my tool (stool)!" And he brings it into the kitchen, and says "I frying (trying) to help you." Very cute, right?

Except it took a very dark turn from there.

So, one day while Dave was taking a shower, Sutton decided that he wanted to "cook." So he opened the fridge, took out the eggs and was cracking them all over the coffee table!!! Somehow, Dave managed to catch him before he got to the third egg. And no, I don't have pictures. But you can use your imagination.

We decided that it was time to get a fridge latch. We were hesitant to get one at first, since this is a rental, but that little incident prompted us to action. Dave went out at like 9 at night and picked one up, along with another 8 pack of Go-Gurts.

The next day, I get a text message at work, telling me that Operation Latch was a failure. While Dave was in the bathroom (again) Sutton managed to pull the latch off the fridge and help himself to the brand new yogurts. AND he pulled the eggs out again and this time-cracked them all over the carpet.

Sigh. So now, we have the latch on the fridge, and we have to put the baby gate up across the doorway to the kitchen.

He also likes to play with my camera, and take lots of pictures. Most of them don't make much sense, but he managed to catch one of me.
Many parents in cold climates are going through the same thing. I know that he's bored, and it's no fun to unpack, or clean the house. And you can only watch Pixar movies so many times. But with the weather being so yucky (cold and rainy) we can't think of much for him to do.
Luckily, we had a brief spurt of sunny weather (still cold, but at least the sun was out) so Dave took him to the park. And spent an hour and a half there. Think he was trying to tire him out?

I'll write more soon, but I need to go. It's quiet in the other room, and that's never a good sign.