Friday, May 6, 2011

Wow, It's Been a Really Long Time...

My apologies for not writing earlier. I've been so busy with work (it's going well, just some issues that caused my raging self-doubt to flare up) and stuff at home (see my previous Facebook posts) that writing on the blog sort of fell by the wayside.
But I'm back and better than ever!
OK, where to begin...
If we are friends on Facebook, than you are aware that Sutton loves to "cook." And by cook, I mean to take eggs out of the fridge and smash them on any surface he can find. We've tried getting a fridge lock. Hell, we have TWO fridge locks. He still knows how to open them, and take the eggs out. I give you exhibit A; or as Dave calls it "The Great Egg-scape."What a mess. He does this when we're out of the room; like in the bathroom or something. He still loves to cook; we just have to make sure that we are always around.
Then there was the police incident...
(OK, before I even go into this-please be aware that we are still a little sensitive about this topic. Please be nice...)

Dave and Sutton had gotten up early one morning, just as I was leaving for work around 6 am. More like Sutton had woken up early, and Dave got up with him. So, when Sutton fell asleep on the couch around 9, Dave let him nap and went to go read in our bedroom. I guess at some point, Sutton had woken up and decided that he wanted to go in the backyard. He let himself outside, and closed the door behind him, where it locked. And he couldn't get back inside. And Dave had his iPod headphones in, so he couldn't hear Sutton. Basically, Sutton was outside in the backyard in just his fleece footie pajamas for about 20-25 minutes, screaming and crying. The neighbors who live right behind us heard him. We have a wooden fence that separates our yards, so they broke some of the wooden slats, so Sutton could squeeze through. They took him into their house, where they gave him M&Ms and milk to calm down. But since our houses are technically on different streets, and they didn't know our address, and Sutton was too young to tell them where he lives-they called the police.
So the cop knocks on the door, and asks Dave "Do you know where your child is?" Needless to say, we were both pretty shaken by the whole thing and kept hugging and kissing Sutton the rest of the day. As for Sutton himself? He likes our neighbors and now calls them "Grandma and Grandpa."
And yes, before you say anything, Dave has beaten himself up pretty hard over this whole thing and he has sworn to never let something like this happen again.

On to happier topics!!
We have tulips in our front yard.
And we went to the zoo. Sutton loved it and kept calling it the "zoom." Pretty cute.

We've had some nice days-sunny and sort of warm. But they have been few and far between, with lots of rain and cold mixed in. As Sarah mentioned in her blog, we're wearing winter coats in MAY. Everyone keeps saying that this has been the coldest, wettest spring on record. Great, thanks. That makes me feel better!
Well, it's Friday in the MacDonald household, and that means pizza and movies. In fact, they're waiting for me. So I'll try to write more tomorrow.