Saturday, March 5, 2011

Photo Tour and Decorating Dilemma

OK folks. We've been in this house for two months now, and it still doesn't feel like ours. And yes, I know it takes some time to settle into a place, but I keep trying to find ways to make this place seems more home like. But that's difficult.
First of all-this place is a rental. So we can't do anything semi-permanent to it, like paint or install shelves, etc. Well, I take that back. We could, we would just have to submit a written request, receive permission, repair it when we move out, blah, blah, blah.
Second-some of the rooms in this place are small. Our master bedroom is TINY. And our bed (which is only a queen sized bed, so not SO big) takes up most of the room. So I'm struggling to find ideas to spruce it up.
Third-Decorating style. I don't really have one. For most of my adult life, my decorating style has been "hand-me-downs." Our kitchen table is from Dave's grandma, our desk and bookcases are from my dad, the coffee table is from my mom. You get the picture. I've never really sat back and said "THIS is my style." I look at pictures in magazines and on websites all the time, but I can never really see those items in my house.
Fourth-$$$. We are living on a pretty tight budget right now, since Dave is still not working. So a LOT of this stuff would have to be cheap. And I'm not the greatest DIY-er.
So I put this to you-all my decorator friends; both professional and amateur. (I'm looking at you, Bryanne!) Help me decorate my house.
And so I present the following pictures of my house. WARNING!! The place is a mess; that happens with a three-year-old, but part of it stems from my frustration. Since I can't quite figure out how I want to decorate the place, I tend to leave stuff everywhere until inspiration strikes.
First off-the outside of the house. Both front and back.

The house from our driveway.

We're lucky it was a somewhat nice day. Sunny and 49 degrees. It's been raining or snowing for almost two weeks.
I see this as being our vegetable garden. I just need Jamie Rex's help to do it.
Our scrubby grass.

The dirty gazebo that needs a power wash and a coat of paint.

The greenhouse. Yes, this place has a greenhouse.
The backyard. It's HUGE, with lots of grass and trees, and foliage, etc. It'll be a nightmare to maintain.The view from the side of the house.

Now for the inside. First up, our bedroom. Ignore the messiness and the overflowing hamper in the corner!The view from the doorway of our bed.

A close-up of our bed.

The one dresser that will fit in this room. We have two-the other one is shoved into the office.

The curtains-which match the wall color, and kind of blend in. As you can see, we seriously need help.

Next up-the living room/dining area. It's really one big room, but with two separate "zones." See, I watch HGTV-I can use the lingo.

Lastly, the fireplace. Which I do not like. I think this marble, or whatever it is-it's not my taste. But I do like having a mantle again to put pictures and stuff. When it's not covered in toys, a dog cage, and a broken microwave. (Why do I still have this thing? Why haven't we gotten rid of it?!)

OK, there it is. I can post more pictures of the other rooms, but there are the ones that need immediate help.
Send ideas, photos, websites, anything! It would be much appreciated!!
Until next time...