Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moving Craziness

Well, I am still alive! I know this little blog of mine has been woefully neglected this past two weeks, but you can hardly blame me. First, we moved. Second, I've been sick. And third, in our new house, the computer is right outside Sutton's room. So no more blogging late at night for me. When I start typing on the keyboard, he hears my fingers clattering, and starts yelling "Who's dere? Who is it?"

So...moving. I hate it. Always have, always will. It's chaotic, and confusing, etc. Even more so with a two-year-old who is determined to "help" you. By unpacking everything you're trying to pack. But we got through it, and that's all that matters.

We moved into our new place on April 1st. And we still have boxes everywhere. I know, you're saying, "It's the 11th!" But, in our defense, we're waiting to get a storage unit. We downsized when we moved, but we still have a ton of old baby crap that needs to be stored until we finally decide to have a second baby. And since the computer is now in the corner of our living room, we have a lot of office crap (like bookcases and books) that we don't have room for. So they're sitting in our living room and in our garage until we can get them moved.

Moving was even more difficult, because on Saturday (the 3rd) I got the worst case of food poisoning I have ever had. I have never been that sick in all my life. So I was no help to Dave, and he had to finish the last few hours of moving all by himself. In 85 degree heat. In a two-story house. Me, I laid on the bed with Sutton, watched movies, and tried not to vomit.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new house. I'll try to get more.
The living room with all the junk and boxes.
Sutton snuggling with Dave (Sorry, this picture is really dark)

Sutton is so impressed with our new house.
Can't you tell?

Next post, all about our exploits with a certain little boy who has learned to climb out of his bed. Next up, toddler bed!

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