Friday, July 9, 2010

Potty Time

For the last few weeks, we've been experiencing somewhat of a regression in the world of potty training. Sutton has absolutely no interest in becoming potty trained, and no amount of books or stickers will convince him otherwise. So we had to break out the big guns.


Yes, I know. It's not the world's best solution, but it's one that works for us. For a while, we were using M&Ms, but I gave him one, and he drooled blue dye. Yuck. So we've been using jelly beans.

So, if he sits on the potty, he gets a jelly bean. But here's the problem. He will only sit on the potty with a diaper on.
But he REFUSES to sit on the potty without a diaper on. Tonight, he wanted a jelly bean. So we told him that he could have two jelly beans, if he sat without a diaper on. Cue the screaming and crying. I mean, he FUH-REAKED out!! I've never seen him so hysterical. He was pointing at his diaper, begging us to put it back on.

Why is he so scared? Is it the feel of the plastic on his tush? I honestly don't know-and it's not like he can easily tell me. We put Buzz on the potty, to show him that it wasn't scary. He kept telling Buzz "No! It my potty!"

We're going to try giving him some diaper-free time, to let him get used to the feel. Or even putting big boy underpants on him, with no diaper.
What worked for your kids?

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  1. I heard a kinda neat idea in a child development class once. Candy, yes, but paired with a Betsty Wetsy doll (or whatever they call those pee dolls nowadays). Put Betsy on the potty, let her do her thing, then give her the candy and throw a fit about what a big girl she is. I don't know anyone who has tried this in real life, but my sister is planning to try it with her kid. Except, she'll use grapes. Because grapes are my nephew's candy. Good luck girl!!!