Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in the land of the living...

Whew, it has been crazy the last few weeks! First of all, thank you to those of you who sent love my way via the interwebs. I needed the chance to vent, and this blog gives it to me. But it's nice to know there are people out there who read what I write, and feel my pain; so to speak.

So, what has been going on, to take me away from writing and venting? A lot. First of all, my store is going through a remodel. For those of you who don't know, I work for a off-price branch of a major retailer (rhymes with "ORDSTROM"-silly, I know.) And our store is getting a brand-new facelift. Exciting, yes, but stressful at the same time. It involves a lot of moving stuff around, finding new and temporary homes for said stuff while the floors get stripped, or the walls get knocked down. That kind of thing. And for my department in particular, it means moving A LOT of stuff. Which means that I have to come in early, work late, and come in on my days off to help with the move. Today is the first day in nearly a week that I haven't had to get up early to go into work. Which may explain why I'm still in my jammies with the nastiest bedhead I have ever seen. Be glad I don't have Skype.

Secondly, we have a little boy who refuses to sleep past six-thirty in the morning. And then he stands outside his gate (we still have a gate on his door, to prevent him coming into our room at the ass-crack of dawn.) and he yells "Mom! Dad! Get me outta here!" So, when he gets up, I get up. But today, ahh today. My lovely husband got up with the prisoner (he rattles the bars of the gate; and Dave swears he's going to start yelling "Attica! ATTICA!") and he let me sleep in. Until almost 9 am!! Unheard of! But boy, did I need it.

What else? I've been reading lots of yummy recipes lately, courtesy of my friend Bryanne's blog, and this one from Annie's Eats. LOVE her recipes. I swear, this woman amazes me. She's a doctor, a mom to a 2-year old boy, and still manages to make delicious food, and take amazing pictures. She makes her own pita bread and her own hamburger buns, for G-d's sake! If I knew her, I'm sure that she would be the type of person that I would love/and be viciously jealous of at the same time.
But my kitchen is so incredibly tiny, with no counter space to speak of; that these recipes get printed, but hardly ever made. Not to mention that most of my kitchen paraphernalia is still packed in boxes, since there is no space to put anything. I'm tempted to go to my mom's house, just to use her kitchen and her counters. Bryanne, it's an idea! Lots of room to bake!

Just random other stuff...
My sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner last night with my nephew, which was nice. Little Jonas is now 10 months old, and creeping all over the house. He's fast too. But it's hysterical to see him get down into creeping position from sitting up. He leans down until his tummy is on the floor, with his legs in full splits position. But then he can't quite get his hips turned so his legs end up behind him. So he gets mad, and starts crying. So someone has to help him! I wish I had a picture; it was so cute! He and Sutton had a great time together, too. Sutton even shared his toys, which was so sweet to see.

More random stuff...
Every Friday night, we have MacDonald Movie Night. We order pizza, make popcorn, and eat on our bed. We watch movies, which lately have been the Disney Pixar collection. So far, we have seen almost every movie except A Bug's Life. Sutton's favorite of the moment is Cars. While the movie is playing, he runs around our room, making "Vroommmm" noises, and pretending to race. He tells the cars "Go! Drive fast!" So, my mom bought him a set of plastic cars from the Disney Store. And he LOVES them. Except one of them. He didn't like it, and it's now hidden somewhere in the house; we just don't know where. Anyway, he is so obsessed with Lighting McQueen. Guess what his birthday party theme will be??
I think that's all for now. I'll be sure to write more soon.

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