Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Been A Loooong Time!

I apologize for the tardiness in my blog posting. I have been so busy, and am so tired when I get home, I barely have the energy to spend time with my family, let alone blog.
But that's not to say that I haven't found time to stalk other blogs, however. I am currently up to date on all my friends' goings-on (congrats on the pregnancy, Bryanne!)
So, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with Sutton runs around with the dog like a crazy person. Looking at gift ideas for a certain little boy who is about to turn three. WTF, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday he was just this size.
Now he's about this size...
That's his Halloween costume. He was a pirate. He's saying "Argh!" when I took the picture.

So, what are some good gift ideas for high spirited, very active little boys? I've been looking at some things, but could always use more suggestions. Grandparents are starting to ask "what should I get Sutton for Hanukkah/birthday/Christmas?"

Here are some ideas I have.

Sutton is very into cars right now, and this looks super cute. I think he would love watching the cars go spinning down.I think I'm going to get him this. I love that it showcases Hanukkah.

I found some really great electronic toys as well. Because, of course, he is Dave's son.

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

It looks just like Dave's Nintendo game that Sutton is obsessed with. He steals the stylus tool and hides it all the time.

V.Reader Animated E-Book System

This looks really cute too, and Sutton loves to be read to.

So, there are some ideas that I've seen. It's funny-both Dave's and my birthdays are also in December, and I've been trying to look for ideas for us. But everything on the wish list is for Sutton. And let's be honest, he's going to get the most presents, right?

So, for now, I'm going to enjoy this day with my favorite almost-three-year-old.


  1. It did fly by didn't it? I felt the same way about Ali. 3 is fun though (a little exasperating as there is a MAJOR struggle for independence right now, but fun!). When my son Robby was 3 the movie Cars was big and he loved collecting those matchbox cars and playing with them. Also superheros were just starting to become big and puzzles and anything dress up (pirates) was a hit too. Duplo (big legos) are great if he is a builder and if he is past the putting things in his mouth phase Playmobile sets are great too. We did a Leapster (which I would highly recommend).

  2. He still puts his fingers in his mouth, mostly, but I think he might be getting more molars. Yes, we are big fans of the Cars movie. I think he first saw it in Cape Cod! We have a TON of the little Disney cars, and some Matchbox ones as well.
    I was thinking of those big Legos sets. I know Dave loved to play with Legos as a kid.
    We're already experiencing the battle for independence right now. Everything is "MY do it!" And he does not like to listen, if it isn't what he wants.
    I also have the Leapster on the wish list. This list is longer for him than it is for me!

  3. Thanks Cory! Yes, I agree time does fly by fast. :)