Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you think Sutton's wife will mind her in-laws sleeping in the bed with them?

Wow, that is one long title. But it's fairly accurate. Because at this point, we'll be going to college with Sutton, so we can continue sharing a bed.
Now, don't get me wrong. I am a fan of co-sleeping. But only up to a point. When you're repeatedly being abused in your sleep by your offspring, it's time to move them to their own bed.
You may recall the trouble we have had with Sutton's sleeping situation. Ever since he moved out of his crib and figured out that he can get down-it's been impossible to keep him in his bed at night.
Even in AZ, he would get up once or twice a night, and we would have to get him back into his room, and lay down with him until he fell back asleep. Then we would sneak out as quietly as possible. Repeat several times.
Then, with the whole moving situation, he started sharing a bed with us. He LOVED that-we didn't. In a queen size bed, one 6'4'' man, one squirmy little boy who likes to sleep perpendicular, and one dog who resents the little boy for stealing his spot equals not a restful night's sleep.
When we moved to Seattle, we decided it was time to get Sutton a real big boy bed. He had been using his convertible crib and he only had a few inches left before his feet hit the other side. So we hit up IKEA and purchased a bed frame and a mattress. Add in some cute boy bedding that I found at Wal-Mart, and I think his room looks adorable. Here are some photos (please note: I'm only showing areas that are relatively clean. We still have crap everywhere.)
A view of Sutton's bed with its cute new bedding. And yes, I did make the bed just for this picture!Another view of the bed.I found this great cube organizer at Target and I love the baskets! I have decided that I now love the color combo of navy blue, gray and orange. It's the colors on Sutton's lamp and it accents his blue bed and rug really well.

So, you would think that with all this new stuff, we could try to get him to sleep in his room, right? WRONG! Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping him in his room AND in his bed? My dad has already suggested Benedryl, just to keep him a little sleepy. Don't really want to drug the kid; but I'm open to suggestions.

At least we know that Auggie likes it!


  1. We just moved Logan into his big bog bed yesterday and he has been doing a good job. He does get up out of his bed to play for awhile, but then he crawls right back in. We have placed the permanent baby gate out his door and that stays locked. We've made sure it was tight, so he is unable to slide button, lift up, and pull because it's on so tight.
    If that planned didn't work we also thought about turning the door knob around, so the locked part is on the outside. I hate the thought about locking my son in his room, but we're unable to baby proof the house we're in... so what other alternative would we have. As of right now he just opens his door when he wakes up calling for me or daddy, so, so far it's working. That's all I have for you.
    Good Luck and cute bedding!

  2. Bryanne-
    That might have to be an option for us, too. Right now, Sutton tends to get up anywhere from 1am-3am. And our room is right across the hall, so he comes into our room. So we have to get up, take him back to his room, and lay with him until he falls asleep again. And that wouldn't be such a problem (for me anyway. Dave says he's too uncomfortable in Sutton's bed) but I'm always afraid that I will not wake up to go back to my room, and I'll miss my alarm!