Sunday, March 7, 2010

Return of Super Happy Family Fun Day!!

Or, as we like to call it, "Super Happy Family Fun Day Strikes Again!"

Today was the open house, take two. And just like the previous open house, it poured down rain for most of the day. We called the realtor like five times in the days before, asking "Are you still going to hold the open house?" Because we DID NOT want a repeat of last time. But she swore that she was going to hold the open house. But true to our form, the day did not go super smoothly.

On Friday, our dog got into a bag of chocolate candy. Now, let me be clear. We did not leave said candy lying around. It was up on a shelf and must have gotten knocked down somehow. Nevertheless, the dog inhaled about two-thirds of the bag. And proceeded to get violently sick ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Fun, let me tell you. And he is still suffering the consequences of eating something he shouldn't.

So, Saturday night, I went to sleep around 11:45. For some reason, Dave was up. I guess he was keeping an eye on the dog to see if he was doing OK. But around 3:15 this morning, I wake up to the sound of Dave swearing. The dog was throwing up right outside Sutton's room. And the combination of the noise, Dave's swearing, and his turning on the light woke Sutton up. And he immediately started crying, "Daddy! My Daddy!" Wanting to help Dave, I went in instead. Big mistake. I shouldn't have gone in. Sutton has a bad track record of waking up. Once he's up, he's up. Will. Not. Go. Back. To. Sleep.

So, for the next three hours or so, I tried rocking him, letting him cry it out, bringing him into our bed, before finally throwing in the towel and taking him downstairs. In fact, Sutton asked for it. He told me, "want go downstairs." Where he knew the TV was. And I was too tired to argue. So I brought him downstairs, turned on Nick Jr. and covered us both with a blanket. I dozed off and on, to be woken up by little hands patting my face. At 8:30, I finally tagged Dave in, and slept for an hour. Then I had to get up, shower, and finish cleaning the house.

At around 11 or so, we packed everyone up and headed for my mom's house. The whole way there, we kept promising Sutton that he could have pancakes at Denny's. Or as we call them, "cake-cakes." After dropping the dog off at my mom's, we head to Denny's. By this time, Sutton is hungry and crashing. He needed food and a nap. The wait at Denny's was too long, so we headed to McDonald's, thinking we could get breakfast there. Oh yeah, they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. Sorry about those pancakes, Sutton; have some chicken nuggets instead. But he ate, and was somewhat happy. Then he passed the f*@k out in the car.

We toured some rental properties, looking for a new house to rent. And we found some, so keep your fingers crossed. Then we came home, crawled into our bed, and watched movies. All three of us. We ordered pizza for dinner and ate it in our bed. At one point, Dave looked at me over the top of Sutton's head and said, "THIS is what Super Happy Family Fun Day is about." Amen to that!

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