Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving on up...

You heard it here first folks. The MacDonald family is packing up and moving, much to my mother's dismay and heartbreak.

I have accepted a new position in the company, and we are moving to Seattle, WA.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I scared? Hells yes. Is this the right thing for my career and for my family? Yes, and Dave agrees. I need to do this to advance my career, and the job market is Phoenix is dismal, to say the least. Dave seems to get more and more discouraged every day. So we made the decision when I first applied for this job; that if I got the position, we would move.

Now, this wasn't an easy decision. I have been spoiled my entire life. I have always had my immediate family close to me. I went to college only 20 minutes away. I lived with my sister during my last year of college. I talk to my mom about once a day. And my mother has watched Sutton for one day a week for the first two years of his life.

I think that's the hardest part for her. That she won't get to see him every week. But thankfully, there is Skype. And phone calls. And as my mother puts it, she'll come visit him every six weeks.

In my heart, I know that this is the best decision, and I'm really excited.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to miss my mommy.

This next week is going to be crazy. I'm due in Seattle by the first of December. I'll post more when I can. Hopefully, I will have some sort of computer access when I'm there.


  1. Congratulations!!! Love to hear good news. :) May your moving go smoothly and the new job be a dream.

  2. Mazel tov! Good for you - take the plunge and make it work :-)

  3. Congrats to you all!!! We love you and are excited for your new adventure. You deserve every happiness and opportunity for success. I have a sister in Seattle if you want some early contacts when you get there...