Monday, December 27, 2010

T minus 6 days...

I thought I was doing OK with the thought of leaving my family until tonight. My sister decided to have everyone over to her house, to have a family dinner before we leave on Saturday. And I noticed two things tonight:

1) Over the years, it has gotten easier for our family to get together. Ever since my parents got divorced over 10 years ago; family occasions have a slightly strained and stressed atmosphere. Yes, everyone makes an effort to get along, but you can feel the tension and uneasiness in the air. Not tonight. Everyone got along wonderfully. Everyone talked to each other. My mother asked my step-sister how she was doing. My dad talked to my step-father about his computer. Stuff like that. And it was great.

Last week, we got together with some friends, and my friend Bryanne was having trouble with her in-laws. They were having trouble being in the same room with each other, which made Christmas difficult. And I mentioned that sometimes family just has to put their differences aside, to make an effort for everyone else. And that's what happened tonight. It made me really happy.

2) And it made me really sad. It hit home tonight how lucky I am to have such a good relationship with my family. And how lucky I am to have them living so close.

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