Thursday, January 14, 2010

Housing Situation

Back in August, Dave and I decided to start looking to buy a house. With the $8000 tax credit out there, we figured "Why not? We need a bigger space to grow our family." And so began the lengthy ordeal. We looked, and looked, and looked. At houses without air conditioning running in the middle of the Arizona summer. With a very unhappy toddler who wanted to run around and play with the dead bugs on the floor.
Finally, after many different offers (and rejections) our offer was accepted on a house. Yay for us! was a short sale. (Cue sad music here) I personally think the term "short sale" is extremely misleading. But I digress.
Fast forward almost six months. The bank still hasn't decided on our offer, we're on a month-to-month lease in our current place, and our landlord informed me today that he plans on putting the house up for sale. So who knows when we need to move.
So now, I have to start cleaning and packing, in the hopes that we might get our offer accepted soon. In the meantime, I am fighting to keep the mess and clutter at bay. I'm not normally a messy person, but I have moments. But, we tend to be pack rats. So this time, I am going to be ruthless with my purging. Haven't used it for a few months? Get rid of it!! Goodwill is going to know me by first name, I am donating so many things to them.

However, I have one question... do I keep old baby stuff that I clearly no longer need, in the hopes that I will have another baby in the next few years? Or do I donate it? Because if I get pregnant again, all this stuff will be obsolete? I mean, my infant car seat already has a new model out.
So what do I do?

Also, here is one of my new favorite photos of our family. Yes, Dave's smile is a little like a grimace, but still

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  1. the stuff isn't obsolete unless you don't want to use it again (or store it). but remember that you spent good money on it and it might be worth it if you're even considering another baby....the fact that the carseat already has a new model out doesn't make yours unusable. we used the same carseat for all 3 kids. i did get rid of the highchair because it was so disgusting...

    great picture!!! :-)