Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Update and a Little Reflection

So, my sister had a baby about a month ago. A gorgeous, healthy little boy that they named Jonas. And as his aunt, I can safely say that he is beautiful. But his arrival hasn't been the easiest for my sister.

She has struggled with the baby blues, and had some issues with the whole nursing thing. And those issues have now turned into a hospital stay. Yes, last night, Dana had to check into the hospital and is currently on IV antibiotics. And get this: when I asked her if she needed someone to come and stay with her at night, she told me "Are you kidding? I actually get a night of uninterrupted sleep? I can't wait!" Too bad that it also had to come with a fever and sore boobs. :(

But thinking about what my sister is going through makes me reflect back on my early experience with Sutton. Sure, I went through all the new mom issues. I remember crying hysterically about nothing, and ranting at three in the morning because he. just. wouldn't. sleep!

But really, when I think about it...I'm incredibly lucky. I have a little boy who is the light of my life. And when I see his little face light up, or hear him say "Hi Mama!" I try to remember that.

Even if he is screaming in his room when he's supposed to be taking a nap!

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