Sunday, January 24, 2010

Must be something in the air

I don't know what it is, but it seems like lately a lot of people have been having trouble with their kids sleeping. My college friend Sarah has been having trouble with her two kids ( the whole 3:30 in the morning thing sounds awfully familiar) and my cousin Phyllis was having nap trouble with her daughter.
Is it something in the air? Who knows? For us, Sutton has been sick all week. First it started with the cold that the family has been passing around. Then it turned into a severe ear infection. Bring on the antibiotics. But, because he has been sick, we've been running every time he wakes up during the night. And I think he's gotten used to it. So, now, it's happening anywhere from two to four times during the night.
Yesterday, he took a REALLY late nap, and woke up around 6 pm. So he was no where near sleepy around 8 pm, his usual bedtime. We ended up struggling with him for almost an hour. Rocking in the rocking chair, back rubs, you name it. At one point, he was ready to go into his bed, when the dog barked. All of a sudden, he was yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, what dat? What dat?" Nope, wide awake now.
Finally, we laid him down, kissed him good night, and closed the door. He screamed and cried for almost forty five minutes. We had to shut off the baby monitor. But we could still hear him down the hall.
Today, I had to be at work at 5 am. We have inventory tomorrow, and I needed to be there early for prep. When I got home, Dave had some work that he needed to go out to do. So I watched Sutton while he went out. I was SO hoping that Sutton would go down for a nap, so I could get some sleep. Not happening. We fought for over forty five minutes before I finally gave up and brought him downstairs. He parked himself right in front of the TV and stayed there until bath and bedtime. (We've been very bad about TV today-it's just we are both so exhausted. And it was an easy fix. We're trying to be better.)

And because he's been sick, he's had a lousy appetite. Normally, this kid can eat like a truck driver. But for the past few days, he's been living on bananas and yogurt. Today, he saw me eating an apple, and came running. But when I gave him a piece, he didn't like the skin. Any time we offered something else to eat, he responded with "NO! NO! NO!"

Sigh. They weren't kidding when they called it "the terrible twos."


  1. ugh...I promise it gets better. My 8-year-old sleeps great. Just keep telling yourself that... :-)

  2. It's awful! I feel so bad when he cries, because he just wants us to hold him. But I'm trying to be firm and let him cry it out. But it feels like my heart is breaking.
    Plus, we're so tired. Which makes all of us grouchy.

  3. Ugh, Cory, I hope it gets better! When Harry and Jack were sleeping like crap, all those awful, sleep-deprived months of their infancies came back to me. Sleep problems SUCK, maybe worse than bath poops. Hope you're getting some zzzzzzzs.