Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Pinkeye!!

Dave has been home with Sutton for about four days now. Sutton's daycare was closed for the 4-day President's Day weekend. And I had the Valentine's Day craziness at the store, so I was not able to stay home with him. So Dave got to play Mr. Mom. I'm sure he was never so happy to go back to work.

On Monday evening, I noticed some yucky green stuff coming from Sutton's right eye. (I'm sorry for you non-moms if I'm grossing you out. We tend to forget that other people don't want to hear about green discharge coming from our kid's eye. Let alone hear the word "discharge" being used. But it's MY blog. So deal.) Anyway, my first thought was "Shit! Eye infection! He can't go to school on Wednesday!" So we agreed to keep an "eye" on it. Geddit? An "eye" on it? What do you want from me? I'm fucking exhausted, and have a punchy sense of humor.

We woke up Tuesday morning, and it didn't seem so bad. Started thinking, "OK, maybe I overreacted, as usual." My mom showed up to babysit Sutton while I worked at night. I asked her to please watch to see if the eyes got yucky again. She called me on my lunch hour to report that they were getting gross again. Great.
I get Sutton up this morning, and his eye is crusted shut. Yup, it's pinkeye. Luckily, or unluckily, as the case may be, Dave woke up with body aches and a fever. So guess who had to stay home again today while the wife went to work and brought home the bacon? I did pick up Sutton's prescription, though.

Thankfully, he didn't pick up the infection from school. He's been out of school for a week now, so we know he picked it up at home. Just by being a dirty little boy. He sucks on his fingers, puts them up his nose, rubs his eyes, etc. And getting him to wash his hands is on par with getting him to brush his teeth. Major battle. And he has REALLY dry skin and ezcema (sp?)
So hand sanitizers are no good, because they have alcohol in them, which irritates his skin. So when I was out picking up his eye drops, I found some alcohol free foaming hand sanitizers from Clean Well and stocked them throughout the house.

That's enough posting for tonight. More later this week. Have a four-day weekend, yay!! Have to be out of my house, so they can hold an open house to sell this place, boo!

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  1. Sorry to hear you guys have been having a rough couple of days.

    So where are you living if they are planning on selling the house?

    Hope things get better.