Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Happy Family Fun Day!!!

If I could express sarcasm in this blog, the title of this post would reek with sarcasm. Today was just a complete series of failures across the board.
Let's go in order, shall we?
1. We had an open house scheduled for today. We were supposed to be out of the house from 12-4, so prospective buyers and agents could tour the property, as my landlord is selling the house we are renting. So we've spent the better part of two weeks packing, and organizing. We had old, unusable boxes picked up, and I had a large donation arranged to be picked up.
2. On Thursday afternoon, I started getting sick. I finally came down with what Dave had. So I did not have much energy to continue packing. So I pretty much laid around the house with Sutton.
3. I was off on Friday (I took 4 days off, to get the house cleaned and ready for this open house.) But my fever spiked at 101.2 and I felt like death warmed over. Out of my list of 10 things to do that day, I think I did one.
4. This morning, I got up with Sutton and decided, "That's it. I'm going to the walk-in clinic, just to make sure this isn't something serious. So I go to the clinic, where she gives me the diagnosis of...the flu. That's it. As she put it, stay in bed today, and get lots of rest. Really? Has she seen my to-do list?
5. So I get home, and we're finishing up some last minute cleaning upstairs. We try to keep Sutton entertained by putting on the TV for him. But he's more interested in screaming at us, "Mom! Dad! What doing?" (What are you doing? for those who don't speak Suttonese.) Dave is cleaning the office, and knocks over a pile of books. I hear the crash and come running. And run smack into a stack of heavy boxes. Jammed the toes on my left foot so bad I thought I had broken them. Go crumpling to the ground from the pain. Turns out they weren't broken (I could move them) But they're so badly jammed, now they're stiff and it's kind of difficult to curl my toes. Not to mention it hurts like a mother.)
6. Pile everyone into the car, including the dog and head to my mother's house. Now she was at work, but told us to let ourselves in, using my key. So we get there to find my stepfather (still weird to say that, even though they've been married for a year on Monday) Neal is there, watching his granddaughter Maya. Maya gets scared by all the dogs running around, and starts crying. I manage to calm her down, and get her to come watch Elmo with Sutton.
7. Then I get a phone call. It's my landlord's realtor. She informs me that because of the rain (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it's been pouring today. Like, build an ark kind of pouring. Totally ruined our idea of having a picnic in the park) she is canceling the open house. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME???!!! After the time we have spent cleaning, and packing, and obsessing. Grrr.
8. After much bitching and swearing on Dave's and my part, I manage to calm down and make the kids some lunch. My mother has no kid-friendly foods in her house, so I make Sutton and Maya a grilled cheese sandwich. I think Sutton ate one half, and Maya nibbled on one half.

9. Then, after lunch, Neal says to me, "You think Maya needs her diaper changed?" I asked him, when did you last change her. He tells me-at seven thirty that morning!! Yeah, I think it's time for a diaper change!!
So I change Maya, and Dave changes Sutton, and Neal didn't have to change anyone!! Then we played with some flash cards, and read some books.

Then I put Maya down for a nap. After that, we packed up our boys and got back into the car to head home. Sutton fell asleep in the car, and (thankfully!) stayed asleep when we got him into the house. I laid down too, and managed to get some rest.

After naptime, Sutton woke up and vegged out in front of the TV.

Dave worked on his crossword puzzles (he's been addicted to them recently) and I started feeling antsy. This is the problem of having two days off in a row. I start getting restless and need to do something, get out of the house, etc.
So I decided to make some cookies. I tried to get Sutton to join me, but Diego was much more interesting, I guess.
I got the recipe from the most recent issue of Everyday Food. It's a pretty simple recipe, and really fast to make. So here we go. Please keep in mind that I am no Pioneer Woman or Misty, for that matter. It's difficult to cook and take decent photos at the same time. My hands are not big enough to hold the camera and press the shutter button with one hand. So some of these photos are out of focus. I promise I'll try to get better.

Here is the cast of characters.Peanut butter (I used smooth, and I mixed it with a peanut butter that I got from PBLoco that has chocolate and banana mixed in)
Granulated sugar
Light brown sugar
Vanilla extract
One egg
Chocolate chips (I used mini chips, because that's what I had in the house)

Put one cup of peanut butter into a large bowl.

Add 1/2 cup each of granulated sugar and lightly packed light brown sugar.
Crack the egg into a separate bowl and beat lightly. Add beaten egg to peanut butter-sugar mixture, along with one teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Add 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

Mix together until smooth. Divide dough into equal portions, about a tbsp each. I used a tiny little ice cream scoop, to make sure everything was roughly the same size.
Roll the balls between your hands to round them out, and place onto a cookie sheet.
Take a fork and make criss-cross lines on each cookie. Bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes or until puffed and lightly golden.
I accidentally let one batch get a little too brown, but they still taste good. You can really taste the banana in the peanut butter I used. These cookies are more crispy and crumbly, rather than chewy. I don't know if this is a favorite recipe or not, but it sure was fast.

I really miss baking, but it's so hard to do with a little guy getting underfoot.
That's all for tonight. Off to dose myself with Nyquil.

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